First Actual Musings

They say life is funny.

I disagree.

I think life is curious.

Life certainly has a great many funny moments, however it’s curiosity that motivates us. “What’s out there?” So we vacation, and travel to find out. “I’m bored. What will entertain me?” On goes the TV, or cellphone to endlessly scroll through social media. Curiosity my friend.

How did I end get here?

That’s a pretty open ended question I realize. I walked into the room and sat my ass in front of the computer is one way of answering. Another way is to recap a bit. I spent years looking at, and taking my own pictures before it dawned on me that I really enjoy photography. I’ve spent a few more years trying to “get serious” with my approach to taking photographs. And for the record…I don’t take myself too serious with this. I have A LOT of room for improvement.

gymnastics beach new brunswick summer girl
Despite all the flaws, I still love this picture.

I took this while on vacation with my kids. I had already taken lots of pictures. I always did. But this one was different. It was the first time I planned a shot. Instructions to my daughter, how and where I would stand… It was like a bomb went off in my imagination. I don’t think I’ve thought about photographs the same since.

So now I’m starting to think differently. Great, but where do I go from here?

My daughters are very skilled athletes. I watch them train, where they do the same moves again and again. So I took my lesson from them and practiced. And practiced. I stopped shooting everything in sight and started taking pictures of the same, or similar thing over and over so I could compare the results. And I read. A lot.

Fast forward a tad.

I’ve got pictures that I like. What do I do with them? Time to update my editing skills. I’ll refer back to my daughters’ beach pic. That’s after an early edit. Hmm…I think more practice editing is needed. I spend a lot of time working on pictures that will never be seen, all so I can learn.

I enjoy hiking. Outside miles from anywhere fills my soul, so landscape photography is a natural fit for me. Going into the bush to get away from it all, and going into the bush to take photographs requires a much different approach. Oh goody. Something else to re-learn.

So where am I going with all this?

Short answer is I don’t know. I’m not sure I have to know either. It’s kind of like this post. Not so much as a brief neatly summed up story, but a pre-amble to the next. I promised myself I would begin actively doing another long-held interest of mine, writing. Now I’ll have something else requiring practice.

You’d think I didn’t enjoy free time with all the different skills I want to improve. It’s a good thing I enjoy learning.

I guess I’m just naturally curious.

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